What is the New World Order? (Sheeple Version)

What really is a "New World Order"? Orwell saw it coming when his book "Nineteen-Eighty Four" was published in 1949. He foresaw a totalitarian world ruled by an "inner party" of ultra elites and masses of loyal workers or modern day serfs. The public was dumbed down and controlled by the "Ministry of Truth", "Thought Police", "Thought Crimes", "Big Brother" and the manipulation of public opinion through television.

Sixty one years ago and what was a piece of fiction is now becoming a way of life as corporate tyranny and behavioral conditioning dominate our country. The elites are almost there, our country and our economy have virtually been destroyed, soon us little people will become totally dependent on big business/government for our very existence.

A New World Order of world bankers, multi- national companies and the ultra elite are now visible. By controlling media the elite have most of us convinced that this is struggle between Democrats and Republicans when in reality they are but the left and right cheeks of the same ass.

But soon the lies and the deceptions will be exposed as conspiracy theory morphs into cover up over and over again. Like cascading dominos, 9-11 will fall into terrorism, preemptive invasions, regime change and continual war. Patriots Acts I and II will morph into wiretapping, warrantless searches, rendition, book burning, homeland security, loss of civil liberties and constitutional protections. Bush or Cheney and the WAR CRIMES they committed will finally be prosecuted. Then the money dominos will begin to fall as the FED fraud crashes into the IMF and the World Banks. Homeland security and our growing police state will then try protect the money mangers (the infamous group of twenty G-20) from the people as AUSTERITY is foisted on the public while the militaries of the world "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE"

This will be all made possible by the incredible power of TELEVISION and its ability to manipulate the public into believing that this is all necessary. 1984 here we come or are we already there?


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