Understanding Chemtrails NWO

Includes original footage now featured on "What In The World Are They Spraying". Chemtrails Are: Persistent lines of chemical-infused aerosol spray dispersals from typically unmarked planes which are now seen in the sky all over the world. Unlike normal jet contrails formed from water vapor, chemtrails spread to form a thick blanket of cloud cover, held together by polymer fibers until they reach the ground, contaminating crops, water supplies and humans with radioactive soft metals and dessicated red blood cells which contain active human pathogens.

Researchers discovered 6 different agendas or motives for these operations, some of which may overlap: environment or climate changes, biological, military purposes, electromagnetic, geophysical or global effects, and exotic propulsion systems. Analysis of material from chemtrails has revealed magnetic salts, including the toxic substance of barium. Fibers, submicron in size, have also been detected, and they bear a physical similarity to the filaments found in Morgellons Disease.

We are the enemy. And we are all being sprayed like bugs with unkown aerosolized chemicals.

Welcome to the New World Order

This video will help those who have not understood, nor ever heard of the New World Order. This video will enter into things of 9/11 that most people have no clue happened (e.g. building 7 collapse/demolition). Then gets into Hillary Clinton and her ties to secret groups with world government plans. You can't keep sleeping on these plans that are coming into play fast. All video footage is from valid sources that slipped up and revealed the truth... I strongly recommend you to follow on you tube the next episodes from this series: "New World Order Agenda, and Secret Occult Plans".

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