The Secret of Washington D.C. 2012

The six smallest values (in color emphasis) are all blatantly major precessional code numbers, meaning that they divide evenly into 25920 - the number of years in one full cycle of the Zodiac, based upon the full cycle of equinoxial precession.
On this first level of accuracy:
constellations shift one degree in 72 years,
one of the twelve Zodiac houses in 2,160 years,
1/6 of the heavenly mill of constellations in 4,320 years.
The Zodiac is a cycle of 25,920 years.

Since these numbers are somewhat inaccurate by today's standards - we wonder if they force a limit on the Frame's accuracy. As usual, we needn't worry. The Frame comes through in an impressive fashion, as the reader will see.

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