Osama Bin Laden: The Invisible Man

The World's bigger army in the whole world has been looking for a sick man (with dialysis) since 2001, we went to the moon in 1969 (?) but we haven't found a man for more than 8 years now. Hidden somewhere in the world, this man who was trained by CIA has supposedly planned hundreds of attacks in the occidental world (It seems he has better technology than ours). The bizarre thing is that this man was guilty just in a few minutes after the 9/11 attacks... Are we still looking for Osama Bin Laden?

This documentary interrogates the notion that Osama Bin Laden single-handedly runs the pervasive Al Qaeda terrorist network by examining its inception, its links to Western intelligence, the double agents and fictitious characters that populate its ranks, and the fraudulent ways the Al Qaeda myth is propagated in the controlled corporate media. The documentary also offers ways that citizens can become involved in helping to spread understanding about the true government-sponsored terror paradigm.

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