Obama's Afghanistan War for Money

The cost of fighting the war in Afghanistan will overtake that of the Iraq conflict for the first time in 2010, Pentagon budget documents showed Thursday.

On top of the basic defense budget of 533.7 billion dollars, the White House is requesting a further 130 billion dollars for overseas missions, including 65 billion for Afghanistan and 61 billion for Iraq.
"This request is where you're going to first see the swing of not only dollars or resources, but combat capability, from the Iraqi theater into the Afghan theater," Navy Vice Admiral Steve Stanley, director of force structure for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters.
US forces in Afghanistan are set to reach 68,000 by the end of this year.

2010: U.S. Marines & U.S. Soldiers - Afghanistan War. This video shows the things that average young American men and women are facing over there in Afghanistan. Is this they way our government is stablishing democracy? What are we fighting for?

If history has taught us anything, it is that we need to beware those populist politicians who claim to be men of peace by nature but men of war by necessity. The most violent wars this planet has ever seen, the most brutal regimes that have ever sought to repress their own citizens, the most genocidal schemes have always been nurtured under the leadership of politicians who offer war, violence and domination as a way of achieving peace.

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