Obama: the Illuminati Fraud to the USA

Obama and his wife are in the CFR, and the CFR's logo is a naked man on horseback giving that hand-sign. The CFR's stated mission is eroding America's national soverignty into a world government.

Type in "Illuminati Hand Sign" to google and click on the first couple links that come up. This sign has been used for thousands of years to represent devil's horns, but recently has been called "Metal Horns, UT Horns" and even "I Love You."
Click the Scribd link in my signature to see about 40 pictures of high-profile world figures giving this Illuminati hand sign. Notice the looks on their faces! They are most definitely not saying "I love you."
There are many secret sayings, handshakes, and gestures used by Masons both to recognize one another in public as well as to communicate specific information. For instance, there are many mudras (hand-gestures) commonly used by Masons posing for portraits/photos. A common one is known as “the Hidden Hand” whereby the right hand is placed partially or fully within one’s shirt/jacket. Masonic kings, presidents, prime ministers, and media personalities have been photographed posing the Hidden Hand. Another common one is “the Claw,” right hand at chest bending all knuckles into a claw.

President Obama said that globalization can be an enormous force for good. Prime minister Gordon Brown again pushed for what he calls a "Global New Deal" payed for by the United States.

Barack Obama is being hailed by his supporters as one of the greatest leaders to ever guide America. He is the voice of hope and change that this county is dying for. Unfortunately, when you look past the side issues and media hype, you discover that there is little meaning to his rhetoric. He is controlled by the same corporate and globalist interests that Bush and Clinton were controlled by. He is a C.F.R.
The false left right paradigm is what got us here in the first place.

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