New World Order Education Style

March 10th, 2010. Teachers, students and parents took to the streets in Orange County to demonstrate against massive education cuts in the state budget. Garden Grove TV3 was at the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Trask Avenue in Westminster where hundreds gathered to protest.

In order to protest proposed budget cuts of $110 million dollars, UNLV, CSN and NSC students and faculty gathered together Tuesday Feb. 9th 2010 in a walkout, where they did just that, walked out of their classes for the day and marched to the Grant Sawyer building where legislators were meeting to discuss budget cuts. Students marched and protested outside in the rain for almost 3 hours in order to save their education.

Students have carried out rallies at dozens of universities and schools across the United States in protest against cuts to public education funding.
Some demonstrations turned violent as students blocked the main gates of a California university and smashed car windows.
The fragile state of the economy has forced states in America to make difficult budget decisions, which has meant millions of dollars cut in funding.

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