Illuminati New World Order Songs

What many Don't know is that the symbolism Directly influences your biological body and your body's vibrational frequency.

Example: If someone was shown a symbol of a Swastika their body's vibration would be lowered because they would be induced in a state of trauma. Their mind would start thinking about WW2, Holocaust, Hitler, NAZI, etc. and it would bring their Mindset down the vibrational level.

By lowering a person's vibrational level you directly can influence them because they would be susceptible for Mind Programming. You can get them to buy the materials that are advertised, or have them vote in a certain way, etc.

Most people in the music industry are MK-Ultra Mind Controlled subjects. Lady Gaga for example is a prime target of such programming. Her CD is even called "Fame Monster". The songs are made in a way (especially the videos) to program you to be a subject of Mind Control.

Videos that feature the topic of the illuminati in various popular songs. It should be pointed out that most singers and musicians don't make the songs they perform, they are made for them and they don't make they don't make the music videos or the stages at concerts. The occultists like to remain hidden and the singers and musicians do anything they are told to do.

In the near future there will be no elections - our leaders will be appointed for us by the wealthy elite. There will be no cash - we will work for "credits" on an implanted microchip. There will be no home owners - we will all live in public housing. There will be no cars - we will ride public transportation. Jobs will be assigned, not chosen. Food, clothing, and shelter will be allocated, not bought. There will be military police on every street. Your children will swear allegiance to the state every day during indoctrination in school, and spy on you for their leaders. Even your preschoolers will be cared for by government appointed nannies who will raise them to idolize the New World Order while you work.

WAKE UP! Impeach New World Order!

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