The Illuminati Health Care Reform

I want every citizen to have adequate health care as well as health care insurance, but I don't want the federal government mandating that people obtain health care insurance or be fined by IRS for not obtaining it. Isn't this against people's constitutional rights?

Penalty for not having insurance: Under the new bill, most Americans without insurance would face an annual penalty, starting in 2014 at $95 – the same as in the Senate bill. But in following years, the penalties in the reconciliation bill are slightly different.
Those without insurance in 2016, for example, would pay the greater of two alternatives: a flat fee of $695, down from the Senate’s $750, or 2.5 percent of their income, up from 2 percent in the Senate bill.

Do they American people deserve whats coming to them?

President Obama signed the health care bill in a White House ceremony with members of Congress in attendance.

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