The Illuminati and the Human Energy

This post aims at explaining how the illuminati and thier media agencies aim at lowering your vibrations, thus keeping you in a negative energy field. I also explain inspirational and practical ways for you to clean your energy and ways you can start vibrating at high frequencies again. Enjoy.

Chackras (Energy Point in the Human Body)

1- The base or root chakra is the force that keeps us connected to this Earth and is the base of our existence. Our physical experience and feeling of being grounded stems from this energy center of our body. The root chakra acts as the foundation of one’s physical vitality, emotional and mental health. Your sense of belonging and connection to all life, your endurance and mental perseverance stems from this center that gives you your life’s passion.
2- This second chakra is the center of personal power, creativity, sexuality and finances. Its your sensing power station, connecting you to your feeling sensitivities or your inner child. Closely associated with acts of giving and receiving, the sacral chakra is tied into the more physical feelings of love, passion and sexuality.
3- The third charka defines our ’self-esteem’. it is your mental awareness associated to your mind power. Your ego, will power, optimism, and confidence all arise from your solar plexus chakra. It also governs your power to concentrate and ability to learn and comprehend. The solar plexus charka is responsible for your intuition and gut instincts.
4- The heart chakra is the power house of the human energy system and the center of love and healing. Connected to your emotions, it is what allows you to love and give unconditionally. This chakra also brings about any emotional healing one may require. The heart chakra is your link between body and spirit.
5- The Blue throat chakra is the center of our communication and will. Our struggle with choice and the ability to release your will to Divine guidance stems from this chakra.It’s essence is faith- faith in our fears or faith in the Divine. It is through this energy center that we voice our opinions and communicate our truths. At the same time it is also our center to receive and assimilate information.
6- The third-eye chakra is the key to our wisdom, learning and putting things in perspective. Your universal consciousness and intuitive intelligence arises from the activity of this chakra. It is key to separating fantasy and reality. The Brow chakra or third eye involves mental abilities of intellect and reasoning combined with psychological skills at evaluating our beliefs and attitudes.
7- The Crown Chakra is our connection to our spiritual nature and our capacity to allow spirituality to become an integral part of our physical lives. It is this chakra that links us to the cosmos and brings about spiritual awakening. It is the energy of knowingness and enlightenment. It is throught this very important energy center that life force is dispersed to the other 6 chakras below it.

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