Ron Paul - illuminati Hand Signs and Handshakes

Freemasons use many forms of secret handshakes or hand gestures to show loyalty to their fellow members. At times, members use the secret handshake so that the person they shakehands with, can then come to know that person is a fellow mason.

Many of the men world leaders are members of the freemasonry.

This video proves using hand signs/symbols that 9 out of 10 world politicians and Hollywood celebrities are involved in secret societies like Masonry/Eastern Star.


  1. finnaly, the truth

  2. Bill Clint and Obama are saying i love you in sign language,. the illuminati sign is similar, but some what different. the thumb touches the 2 middle fingers to show the alliance with the demonic being Rain Man. when the thumb is out, it sign language for i love you. George Bush does this, but Texas Longhorn fans make the same sign for a long horn cow.. i think he was showing his support for his beloved Texas longhorns, but who knows these days..

  3. The I love you sign was invented by Hellen Keller, a known occultist. George Bush is not a longhorns fan. He didn't start using the sign until his run for the presidency in 1998. Bush is also a member of the Skull and Bones secret club, along with John Kerry and number of other politicians. Wake up!


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