Illuminati - New World Order Game 1995

The Illuminati Card Game was released in 1995. It was created by Steve Jackson, from Austin, Texas, United States.
The game predicted both the world trade center and the pentagon attacks, remember.. it has been created 6 years before September 11th 2001. How did the creator know about the attacks?
The game is called "Illuminati: New World Order", it is a role-play game and contains 100 trading cards. Many cards are pretty disturbing, and contains lots of symbolism.

Any good Illuminati researcher can tell you that the globalist elite always telegraph their punches.
Take for instance, the Washington sniper case. During the times of the killings, Hollywood released a movie called Phone Booth. The movie was about a sniper on the loose. So is it a coincidence that the Illuminati also have a card of a sniper gone mad?

Take a closer look at the Illuminati Messiah card, meteor card, tidal wave card, and martial law card. All these things were depicted in one way shape or form in the movie deep impact back in 1998.
We know that the elite owns Hollywood and we further know that the best way to hide anything, including future plans is to hide it on plain site.
Judge for yourselves!

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