Satanic World Leaders Proof 2010

The New World Order is obvious at this point. It's undeniable to anyone who reads the daily news.
What is the driving force behind it?

Throughout the empire making, the continual incremental steps the global power elite have been taking to bring us to the very pinnacle of control we are now seeing on the world stage today, I often wonder what would give a man the will to carry out these evil tasks throughout his life, if he were not alive to see it's completion?

At best, these people are delusional, externalizing their pervsions towards a mythical creation, at worst, we're going to be corralled and microchipped for bloodthirsty entities who view us as nourishment. The bottom line is that these people believe heavily in this dark side, these occultic 'gods', the question is not whether you believe we come from monkeys and are just accidents in the universe, but why are the ones promoting that idea secretly carrying out ancient occult rituals?

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