New World Order Secret Logos

Symbolism is the secret language of the worldwide web of occult secret societes many call the Illuminati. Illuminati symbols can be traced back to ancient pyramids and illuminati symbolism in the Christian bible and other world religions and mythologies. The most popular illuminati symbols is the eye on the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill.
Other famous secret society that uses lots of symbolism everywhere are the freemasons.

The theme of the ‘All Seeing Eye’ and the ‘Evil Eye’ is one of the most powerful and easily recognisable symbols in the occult and is one of the favoured symbols of the Illuminati going back as far as one can trace. Undoubtedly the eye is the 'doorway to the soul' (speaking literally and not). To know a person's 'truth' can be achieved by 'looking them in the eye' which begins to explain why the symbol is so meaningful.

It is quite common for this to appear in a pyramid capstone which is detached from the rest of the pyramid, symbolising the all seeing elite at the top which is untouchable compared to the rest of the pyramid below.
Many commercial organisations have used the image of the 'All Seeing Eye' as its logo. As is the case with the logo of the World Bank and Toyota etc, the eye will often feature a split pupil integrating with Luciferian 'serpent symbolism'.

The All Seeing Eye Symbol: Is suppose to represent the All Seeing Eye of God.
The Illuminati a secret society formed in 1776 the same year the America signed the Declaration of Independence.
They used this symbol to represent the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer(Satan).
In Egypt they used it to represent the all Seeing Eye of Horus.
Freemasons helped build Solemn's Temple and have stole a lot of the sacred symbols from it. One of the Illuminati's goals was to infiltrate the Freemasons. I think that the Freemasons started out good and that their still are a lot of good members. But as time has gone by I do think that they have been infiltrated by the Illuminati and has a lot of members of the Illuminati.

The Upside-Down Star: Is suppose to represent Jesus Christ and is Called the Morning Star.
The Church of Satan which is a real public organization, took the Upside-Down Star and drew a goat head in it and use it to represent Satan. They have taken the sign of Christ and are counterfeiting it and calling it Satan.

Educate yourself, Is this a coincidence? You decide my friend.


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