New World Order Music Agenda

Read the following article as an introduction to the topic "Illuminati & freemasonry ties with the music industry". I strongly recommend to watch "The Arrivals" series. The video above is only shown as an introduction. You can investigate by yourself on google and Youtube.

Many people now accept that the Illuminati is behind the New World Order, and they realize what is being done to us all, but some of the same people who accept this as a fact, refuse to accept that the music industry is corrupt. Come on, it is once again the same people pulling the strings! Anyone can check that out for themselves by doing their own research. It's no secret, and it's just a matter of following the thread.

We also need to remember that those people who are pulling the strings are not thinking like you and I. For most of us it is quite hard to confront evil; we rather say the particular evil event does not exist, or "it's probably not that bad". It's normal human behavior, and this makes it very difficult for us to see what's really going on.
Like I've said elsewhere on this website, I am not trying to make anyone stop listening to music, I am just trying to make people aware. I am still listening to some of this music I am here revealing, just because I like it. However, with this new insight, I don't buy into the effects they are covertly trying to create. Knowledge is power and what you know for certain can't negatively effect you in the same way it once did.

You can watch "The arrivals" series here:
The series is updated, and with new information there. Please check out the website.

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