Hollywood MK Deception 17 Ritual Abuse

Last episode.
This upload creeps slowly into the Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) that has begun to permeate the television, magazines, music videos and overall media that is distrubuted to the public. Ritual abuse includes, games of ROULETTE, traumatization of animals and people, pedophelia, suicide programming as well as hypnotic hand gestures. I have not included witchcraft in this video upload. This is to show the connections between the blatant use of Monarch/Bluebird emblems and symbols, programming of MK Ultra victims, Hollywood "film" and Satanic ritual abuse and satanic presentation in the media.
After all the information you have watched, Have you got an opinion? You decide.

Hollywood MK Deception 16 Perception Control

Hollywood MK Deception 15 Return to OZ

A nice brush up on the latest OZ programming provided to you by YOUR media.

Hollywood MK Deception 14 Double Talk

used in films as well as hand gestures and other hidden craft such as random items, names and content.

Hollywood MK Deception 13 Endorsement

Hollywood MK Deception 12 Generation Next

Hollywood MK Deception 11 Down the Rabbit Hole

Hollywood MK Deception 10

Hollywood Mk Deception 9 Programming in Production

Getting deeper into the MK Hollywood maze, here we include actual footage from films and leave it up to the trained eye to decipher the programming. The ability to put the pieces together while watching these triggers across the screen serves as a magnifying glass to everything you watch from this day forward. Enjoy your deprogramming!

Made by EsotericKitten

Hollywood MK Deception 8 Virtual Reality

Made by EsotericKitten

Hollywood MK Deception 7 Looking Closer

For full detail information, please watch previous videos as they each deal with different aspects of Programming.

Made by EsotericKitten

Hollywood MK Deception 6 Hologram

Hollywood MK Deception 5 Handymen

This is just scratching the surface regarding the high profile individuals who are tangled in the Hollywood Occult world. These are the same people that keep us entertained while simultaneously in Alpha state through visual effects, humorous "acting", and music. Start looking closer at your tabloid magazines. Analyze the phrases and pictures because THIS is one of their tools for enslavement. You will see plenty of ruby slippers, animal print, butterflies, green doors, purple lillies, black and white hypnotic combinations, skulls and don't forget to observe the children! Remember, this is a hereditary scenario!

Made by EsotericKitten

Hollywood MK Deception 4 Spiritual Programming

The text included in this video was taken from Fritz Springmeier who desperately tried to get this information to the public regarding the theft of free will on these subjects. If you watch any of these videos, this is the one to watch.

Made by EsotericKitten

Hollywood MK Deception 3

Hollywood MK Deception 2

Part 2
This video details jewel programming and OZ programming commonly used as a foundation to create and control alter-ego's of our "stars".

Made by EsotericKitten

Hollywood MK Deception 1

Part 1
Hollywood itself is based upon the wood of a Holly tree used for magical/ritualistic purposes and is said to have the ability to hypnotize, mezmorize an entrance viewers.
This is an expose on the "stars" that are really from highly abusive backgrounds and multigenerational incestuous families later sold into slavery. Project Monarch is that slavery that binds the minds of actors/actresses/ musicians and other public personages in order to instill ideas within the populace.

Made by EsotericKitten

Obama's Connection to the New World Order

Obama's Connection to the New World Order. European ties and a world empire agenda explanation.

World Leaders Satanic Salute

You can see many photos of world leaders using a satanic salute. This is the proof. Is this just a coincidence? You decide.

World Leaders Handshakes - New World Order

On this Video you will see some Freemasons Handshakes. Based on this proof I want you to give an opinion;
Are just regular handshakes?
Don't you see anything rare?
 Is this just a coincidence?
How many presidents of the United States were Freemasons?
You decide.

The New World Order is Here!

A 10 minutes introduction video to the New World Order Theory. This website is focused on giving to the readers objective information about world politics events. You are the judge, you decide.

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